With wine ideas flow, without ideas wine flows.

– Michele Jennae –

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Our Story


WWe are two young dynamic individuals with a passion for excellence in the wine that we produce. While some of the wines we have produced have received various awards, we are still building on our success in a quest for excellence. We are rooted in the vineyards where we buy our grapes and work closely with the vineyard owners. This ensures that we can maintain the quality and consistency of our wines.

Our philosophy is to produce wines that epitomises the soil, climate, and vintage. This is achieved not only by the vision and skill of the winemaker but by ensuring that we remain true to the culture and purity of winemaking and vineyard cultivation.


Bryan MacRobert & Jean-Paul Stuyck



    “The winemaker puts his heart and soul into his wines and it shows: their drinkability is as infectious as his legendary good humour and boundless enthusiasm. Bravo Bryan!”


    “This is the sort of wine which succeeds and succeeds handsomely in being so unembellished.”


    “Bryan is extremely goal driven. His desire and enthusiasm for top quality grapes has brought a new dynamic to my farm and farming methods. He deserves all the accolades he has received”


    “The wines are made naturally and are incredibly expressive.”

Our Collection





Steen 2014

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Field Blend 2014

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Tobias 2014

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Abbotsdale 2014

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Our vineyards are all located in the Swartland wine region. The majority of the grapes come from around the village of Abbotsdale to the south western part of the Swartland region which has influence from the Altantic Ocean which cools the afternoons and evenings. We buy grapes from family owned vineyards and select special parcels from growers that work organically without the use of pesticides, inorganic fertilizers, herbicides or fungicides.



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Jean-Paul Stuyck

Mobile: + 27 71 610 1284

Bryan MacRobert

Mobile: +27 71 223 3129 or +34 63 921 4250